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EURES Advisers

More than 500 EURES advisers are the driving force of EURES. They are located throughout the EEA to provide EURES services. This human network has at its disposal a database of job vacancies in Europe and a second database containing general information on living and working conditions in the EEA countries. Thus all users of EURES services can receive up to date information in their home countries before taking up, or considering, a job in another country.

EURES advisers members of Public Employment Services can provide information  such as jobs vacancies, comparability of qualifications…

EURES advisers members members of trade unions or employers’ organizations are more specialized in living and working conditions.

 If you wish to contact a EURES adviser of Lorraine, Saarland, Luxembourg, Rheinland-Pfalz or the the belgian province of Luxembourg (EURES crossboarder PED and SLL), see our website and SLL Website :

For a complete list for EEA countries, see :

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