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EURES Cross-border PED

The EURES Cross-border PED is a partnership comprehending three regions :

Grand-Duché of Luxembourg and
the Belgian province of Luxembourg.

Created in 1993, this body has the vocation of being an element of the construction of Europe both in employment matters, by means of the collaboration between employment public services of the three regions and the exchange of employment offers and demands between these services, and in social matters, by means of the diffusion of information on the life and working conditions in both sides of the borders and by detecting and eradicating the obstacles to the cross border mobility.

EURES Cross-border PED addresses:

- cross-border workers : in our region, at present, more than 100 000 people have to cross a border to go to work. This mobility does not exist without several problems: social and fiscal legislations differing from one country to another, the administrative practices are often complicated…

- job seekers : we cannot think of employment markets in local terms only, we have to be aware of the offers proposed on the other side of the border and of the working conditions related ;

- employers, looking for work force and willing to enlarge the area of recruitment beyond their national territory;

- enterprise creators willing to know the settling conditions in the other side of the border for their own company;

- students, young people with a degree and young people in training willing to be informed on the possibilities of training courses or employment abroad.

To answer to their demands, EURES PED places at their disposal a human network of  19 counsellors EURES..

These cross border labour market specialists are the key people, the ones that can answer the better the numerous questions the European citizens ask themselves..

In order to help them, they have  two resources and documentation centers giving practical information on a regular basis and free of charge, on the subjects related to the cross border mobility (fiscal guides, social practical advice, social parameters…).

The activities we carry out, the services we give, the information we diffuse are for you. Should you have any more questions, and we will carry out our duty of finding out.

Joël de Marneffe
Coordinator EURES PED

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